The Truth about Nature

The Truth about Nature

Mother nature is an experienced healer.

Half of all current pharmaceuticals were originally derived from natural sources, but many natural ingredients have yet to be clinically proven, and there can be some interesting problems with sourcing and using natural ingredients. A variety of Australian Salt Bush tree has been proven to have anti-cancer and anti-AIDS properties, but it's an endangered plant & difficult to grow, so it can't be sustainably or ethically harvested in large quantities.

If you're going to have natural ingredients, they need to be clinically proven, ethically sourced and in sustainable supply. Our research has taken two years of testing, checking sustainability, formula stability, active ingredients, safety, as well as comparing Tea Tree oil with other well known botanical extracts that have suggested antibacterial properties.

Our products are scientifically tested and have clinical evidence to proving they support healthier skin, protect and help with clean healing, but that is not all they do.

You need to check them out and see the results for yourself!

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