Australian biota and the truth about nature

Australian biota and the truth about nature

Australia is remarkably fortunate to have a wealth of flora and fauna that have been used in traditional bush medicine for thousands of years.

Harnessing the naturally occurring active ingredients in our native flora and fauna allows us to restore health and vitality to irritating, painful and persistent skin conditions.

Many ingredients have yet to be clinically proven, and there can be some challenges with sourcing and using natural ingredient. Through extensive testing, checking sustainability, formula stability, active ingredients, safety, as well as comparing Tea Tree Oil with other well-known botanical extracts that have suggested antibacterial properties that determined the formulations for each of the Vibraderm products.

Our collection harnesses the active properties of Australian botanicals like Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Lemongrass Oil.

It’s the Tea Tree Oil that is the signature ingredient in our collection as a clinically proven anti-bacterial with soothing and healing properties - it’s a versatile active ingredient relevant to a wide range of skin conditions.

Vibraderm is an essential for everyday and is gentle enough for children and those with sensitive skin.

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