All Australian Spit Tattoo Balm

All Australian Spit Tattoo Balm

Spit Tattoo Balm is an all- Australian sourced and made, post-tattoo soothing balm, made by tenacious scientists with a bit of nous about traditional bush medicine, the power of nature to heal... and tatts.


Many of us grew up in the Australian bush, backyard, or beachside where mums and dads would administer their own kind of home- natural grown remedies (some of them weird, others reliable) whenever we or rolled in the back door with cuts on elbows and knees – but if we didn't want to go home, we'd apply a bit of Aussie kid first aid by licking the cut - ‘bit of spit on it to kill the germs, you’ll be right mate’.

If we managed to make it home, our parents would often dab a bit of Tea Tree oil on cuts or mozzie bites. It would sting like hell, but it worked. Well, it turns out we weren't wrong – spit does have some antibacterial qualities. 

Mother nature is an experienced healer.

Half of all current pharmaceuticals were originally derived from natural sources, but many natural ingredients have yet to be clinically proven, and there can be some interesting problems with sourcing and using natural ingredients. A variety of Australian Salt Bush tree has been proven to have anti-cancer and anti-AIDS properties, but it's an endangered plant & difficult to grow, so it can't be sustainably or ethically harvested in large quantities.

If you're going to have natural ingredients, they need to be clinically proven, ethically sourced and in sustainable supply. Our research has taken more than two years. Testing, checking sustainability, formula stability, active ingredients, safety, as well as comparing Tea Tree oil with other well known botanical extracts that have suggested antibacterial properties.

Spit balm is anti- bacterial and great at supporting healthy, clean healing following fresh ink:

Contains no lanolin, petroleum, fruit acids, alcohol (we’d rather drink that) or AHA’s, synthetic products or fragrances other than the beaut natural bush smell of our ingredients. Several common bacteria and viruses are responsible for causing infections & illness, including E. coli, S. pneumoniae and H. influenzae to which our Spit Tea Tree Handwash is designed to kill. Ethically sourced fair trade ingredients and manufactured in Australia.

PLUS: We don’t test our products or ingredients on animals – though we think we may have killed a few mozzies when we trialled tea tree oil as an insect repellent...

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