A few tips to help reduce your stress and improve your Psoriasis.

A few tips to help reduce your stress and improve your Psoriasis.

Dealing with psoriasis can be very frustrating not only because of the risk of breakouts, but because you may feel there is no help. Scientists don't know exactly what causes psoriasis, but from some of their research, it looks like your immune system plays a role. Not knowing the cause can add mental strain which we know also affects your immune system, exasperating the problem. So, it is no wonder that stress is psoriasis worse enemy.

We thought you might like some tips to manage your stress, which is probably helpful considering what we are going through in the world today with COVID-19:

Exercise is important in reducing stress and depression as it releases endorphins. Your mood and energy improve greatly with the release of these brain chemicals. It doesn’t have to be high intensity in order to get a boost. A pleasant walk in nature can make a change.

Meditation practice is known to reduce stress and it doesn’t have to take long (10 – 20 minutes can be helpful). By focusing your concentration, you learn to live in the moment and slow you’re your breathing improving your stress levels. There are so many guided meditations and tutorials through apps, website and Youtube that you have no excuse to give it a go.

Doing things for others can be a great way to manage your stress. It might be difficult to volunteer at the moment, but support is always needed by those you love whether they live in the same house as you or another. Keep in touch with those not living in the home with you by phone or video. A good chat will not only relieve your stress but the stress of your loved one.

Get in touch with a psoriasis support group. People from these groups have great advice, but also can lend an understanding ear.

The Scientists here at VibraDerm are here to help you too. Feel free to contact us with your questions, particularly if you have questions about using natural skin care products focussed on helping skincare conditions.

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